Steps to a Great Culture

Why Culturfy? It's not just a new word. It's a way of thinking, a way of doing, and a way of being that can transform your company and make it a flourishing place no one wants to leave.

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You can’t innovate without knowing what needs to change. Start by discovering the truth about your workplace culture. What you find might surprise you!


What are your employees really thinking and are they on board with the direction you’re trying to lead them? We’ll help you get the answers.


Engage your team with our cutting-edge frameworks from the world’s most qualified thinkers and watch your workplace culture improve as you track your team’s feedback in real time.

The Culturfy Process

We can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. In just a few simple steps, we'll help you identify your areas of strength and weakness and get started with a strategy for intentionally shaping your workplace culture while simultaneously increasing the engagement and excitement of your employees. Our easy-to-follow process can transform your company and make it a flourishing place no one wants to leave!

Engaging Assessments

Find the heart of the problem so you can get to solution building. Our assessments cover a range of topics and are not only insightful, but are actually fun to take!.

Live Feedback Loops

Our technology-powered feedback loops reveal how it’s all going in real time. Gain critical insights into the mindset of your team as you implement new things and strive for positive change..

Formative Conversations

The Culturfy process gives everyone on your team permission to talk about real problems and participate in solutions. Our platform will help you integrate new learnings and keep those conversations going..

Frameworks from the Leading Authors

We highly recommend you pick up a copy of the book for the framework you intend to implement. Culturfy will provide you the tools for implementation - however the authors voice will be key to your success.

Traditional HR Tools reimagined

What would it look like to take the HR tools and reimagine them for the workplace that reflect shifting values and break traditions ? Where the millenial and the baby boomers engage to create better outcomes.

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Smart Hiring

Framework for Interviews, Tests, Candidate Filter/Selection and Culture Fit evaluation.

Recognition Programs

Recognition programs that really work.

Competency Assessment

Align the corporate long term roadmap with skills assessment and alignment.

Exit Interviews

Create a poweful Alumini network that continue to act as advocates for your organization.

Career Ladders

Create a fair and consistent process for promotions with ladders, job titles and roles.

Employee discount/perks programs

Create an exciting branded employee discount/perks programs.

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We Provide

Rich conversations around cutting edge industry frameworks from the worlds organizational thinkers, performance gurus, and awesome leaders

Advanced Platform

A seamless web platform that makes learning and implementing these frameworks a breeze

Deep Insights and Actions

Strategic recommendations for helping your employees become invested in your company’s success

Real Conversations

Formative conversations that give everyone permission to talk about the real problems and their solutions

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Thought Leaders

Cutting-edge industry frameworks from the world’s organizational thinkers, performance gurus, and awesome leaders

Powerful Feedback Loops

Technology-powered feedback loops that reveal how it’s all going in real time

Better Business Results

Healthy Cultures drive real profits

Our pricing plans

Three simple packages in a pay as you go model. No long term commitments.

Starter Kit


Try out a range of free tools to help baseline your culture:

Premium plan


employee per month

Wide Range of Assessments, Industry Leading Frameworks (Base set) and traditional HR tools re-imagined (offboarding, 360, 1:1)

Enterprise plan


employee per month

Everything in the Premium Plan including Complementary Implementation Services and Premium Frameworks